Dazzling Cafe Sky (Taichung, Taiwan)

After an incredible dinner at Din Tai Feng [鼎泰豐], we treated ourselves to coffee and dessert at one of the hotspots in Taichung - Dazzling Cafe - a chain of the Dazzling Franchise.  To be honest, I had never heard of Dazzling before, but from what I gather, it's quite a giant in that there are several cafe|bar|restaurants, as well as jewelry and shoe stores.  The design is catered to the girliest of girls in want of a dessert craving (this place couldn't get any girlier), as well as just any group of girls looking to chat over a cup of coffee.

The cafe seems to draw from modern European style, from what I gather from the simple framed blue and white interior to their classy maid outfits (though I'm quite bad with architecture).  Either way, the ambience was inviting, and as stuffed as I was from dinner, I was still curious to see what they had to offer.  One thing to note is that every diner has to order a drink (and they're cheaper if you order a meal), and so I went for the cinnamon cappuccino (120NT$).  I also got to try the Dazzling Cocoa, which was thin, as I had expected (all cocoa I've had in Taiwan is), but was perfect on a full stomach.  I was tempted to try the Party In Your Mouth Honey Toast (just for the name), but we all ended up sharing the Strawberry Lover Honey Toast (220NT$), which I liked better than the other one, which I think was the Chocolate Fantasy one.

I thought that the overall concept of the place was well thought out, though I didn't think the drinks stood out much.  The honey toast was toasted perfectly, crunchy, and went well with the strawberries, which I was happy I got, rather than something heavy like caramel, which they recommended.  Dessert at Dazzling was definitely an experience, even though we were on full bellies, and I'm actually a bit interested in visiting Dazzling Cafe Mint in Taipei!
Strawberry Lover Honey Toast
Hot Cocoa
Cinnamon Cappuccino
Outside Shin Kong Mitsukoshi
Pricing: 350NT$pp (20USD) | $$$ for a cafe in TW
Overall Rating: 4/5

Dazzling Cafe (Menu)
台中新光三越 [Shin Kong Mitsukoshi]
台中港路二段111號3樓 [Tai Zhong Gang Rd. Sec.2, No.111 3F]
#: (02) 8773-9229 (Taipei)

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