Dazzling Cafe Mint (Taipei, Taiwan)

After visiting the Dazzling in Taichung, I decided to take my friend to try out the one in Taipei, since I liked the first place - mostly for its design and ambience.  We navigated our way around the unfamiliar Taipei, and found it!  Since this is a stand-alone cafe, rather than one in a department store, it's bigger, and I like it better than the one in Taichung!  Firstly, I like the mint color scheme, as well as the rest of the decor, which is a bit more elaborate than the one in Taichung.  The wait time was about 15-30 minutes on a Friday afternoon, which I guess isn't too bad, as there are a few shops around.

The waitresses were really friendly as they watched the two of us bust out our SLRs (teehee).  This time, I got the Rose Latte, which contains a little alcohol, which can't be tasted at all.  I definitely liked the Rose Latte better than my Cappuccino (not cause of the alcohol!), and Betty got one of the fruit teas, which I tried and also really liked!  I think we made good drink choices (as you have to get a drink per person).  We also decided to make our own honey toast stack, rather than choose from the list (since it's not season for the Mango Tango).  We chose the basic strawberry honey toast with strawberries and kiwis, and an extra scoop of butter pecan ice cream (I think it was butter pecan?).
Rose Latte
Our creation!
My favorite, the centerpiece!

 Mmm, it's strawberry season in Japan right now.  I can't wait to nom on some delicious strawberries in a few days! ^_^

Price: 350NT$ pp | $$ ($$$ for cafe in TW)
Rating: 3.5 or 4/5 for design

Dazzling (Main Website)
Dazzling Cafe Mint
Zhongxiao East Road Section 4, Alley 248 No.3
Taipei City, Taiwan
#: (02) 8773-9229


  1. This is such a cute place! I love the details of the interior :) - Ando


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