Cafe Wrapture (West End, QLD)

Me and a friend were feeling like brunch somewhere outdoors on a nice day, so we decided to try Cafe Wrapture, which another friend had recommended, and I had heard about from Urbanspoon.  Wraps seem to be quite the popular thing these days, so I thought I'd give it a try.  This cafe has an interesting ambience, reminding me a little of the Three Monkeys Cafe along with something a hippie cafe in Berkeley would try to pull off.  It was neither my taste, nor something I dislike, but it was definitely something of its own, and no less relaxing.

I had the Bacon Caesar Wrap (9), which I was quite happy with, as it was both toasty and tasty, and not too heavy for brunch!  The ingredients tasted fresh and was refreshing on a hot day.  I wanted to try their Mango Lassi (4), but decided to save that for another time.  All I can recommend are their wraps, as I know my friend enjoyed hers too, and we both devoured them quite speedily.  They also serve eggs benny, from what I remember, as well other breakfast foods.  I'm trying to cook more often, so I don't know if I'd return any time soon, but this place is definitely not a bad find!
Price: 15 AUD | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

71 Russell St.
West End, QLD 4101
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