BeMo's (Taichung, Taiwan)

I've constantly been stuffed to the core (literally), and yet I'm researching all the fooding spots I plan on going this time around - starting from Taichung, to Taipei, to Tokyo!  I'm super excited to tour Tokyo without a tour group this time around!  My fam decided to try something new this time around, and so I've been looking around.  If ya'll have any suggestions, please let me know! ^_^

This post is on BeMo's, a private-owned "Mexican" - or shall I say, burrito/wraps spot that's super close to my house.  The concept is pretty cool in that they have wraps - but based on world flavors - Mexican, Greek, Thai, Canadian (whatever that means - no, there's no maple syrup in the wrap), and their own creation.

Their own creation, the BeMo's Wrap, has sun sprouts, bell peppers, and a chipotle cheese sauce (which was spicier than chipotle peppers to me), but wasn't all that.  I was honestly expecting something a little different when I ordered it, and was a bit disappointed, but I did miss toasty flour tortillas, which they did deliver.  We also got the Greek Wrap, which was a little better with the tzaziki sauce, but it still wasn't mind blowing.  The overall flavor was ok, but maybe the tofu wasn't a good choice, as it was more of a Taiwanese tofu, which was a bit out of place with the tzaziki.  The ingredients tasted fresh though!

You can make the wrap a meal, which comes with a choice of soup, tortilla chips, or salad, with an iced black tea.  We got the soup, which was a little too spicy for both me and my mum, and the contents weren't that great either - and if they were, the spice kinda overpowered everything.  I did like the paintings on the wall though!  And the waitress was super friendly!

Greek Wrap with Tofu and Chili Soup
BeMo's Wrap with Chicken
Full Menu
Price: ~100NT$ pp | $
Rating: 2.5/5

Dadun 10th St. No. 268 1F
Nantun District
Taichung, Taiwan

台中市南屯區 大墩十街268號1樓
#: (02) 2320-0466

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