Tuckeria (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

I've been very apprehensive about trying Mexican food here in Australia, with everything that I've heard (and tried so far), so naturally, I just make my own rather than venture out to try what Brisbane has to offer.  My friend keeps trying to get me to go to Montezuma's with him, but I keep declining.  I've heard horrible things! (Let me know if you think otherwise, also suggestions welcome!)  I have been frequenting Guzman Y Gomez whenever I'm craving a burrito and am too lazy to make carnitas, though it's pretty much the only Mexican I've had here (other than my own)!

I was honestly not expecting Tuckeria's set-up to be like a fast food joint, with one person manning the "restaurant" - or rather - outdoor shack, but the food turned out to be better than I expected!  I had the carnita nachos with guacamole (8.5), which was indeed tasty, and was more Mexican tasting than I had expected, although the pale colored tomatoes in the pica de gallo bothered me a bit.  The guacamole was mediocre, but also better than I expected, though a little expensive at $2.5 extra.  Their lunch deal is not too bad (~$7), though the portions are a bit small, but they do offer "margaritas" and Jarritos sodas and other drinks.

The service was pretty friendly, and I found it neat that their table holders were street names in Frisco.  I liked their open-air seating with pots of cacti hanging around, and overall, enjoyed my experience!  It wasn't the most amazing Mexican food I'd had, and Guzman is comparable (and possibly tastier, but less Mexican), but I would recommend it to anyone in Brisbane craving Mexican food!
Price: ~10 AUD pp | $
Rating: 3.5/5

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