Sushi Train (Indooroopilly, QLD)

I hadn't ventured out to Indooroopilly in a while, so I decided to take this chance to nom at Sushi Train.  I havn't gone to one in Brisbane (only in Sydney), and so I decided to try it out because of its high ratings.  I don't mind nomming in restaurants alone one bit, except for the fact that I get to see (and eat) a smaller variety, and this was the case on this occasion.

It was a simple and clean looking place, just the way sushi trains should be.  The staff was really friendly and welcoming (as is true Japanese restaurants), and was seated quickly during normal lunch hour.  I guess it's one of the pluses of a sushi train - the turnover of customers of really high, so they get lots eating, and the wait isn't usually too long.

I was feeling seafood, so I got the Baby Squid and Salmon Sashimi nigiri and the Softshell Crab, for a total of 14.5, which is I suppose decent for Brisbane.  The squid and salmon were good, but I did notice the ornamented salmon plates were cut thinner, which I wanted to try but didn't think was worth it.  Some of the nigiris (sushi boat) had different amounts of rice, and weren't that standardized, which bothered me a little, but I guess now I'm being nitpicky.  The Softshell Crab was a little overfried and gave me a "fried" aftertaste, but it wasn't bad.  I do prefer my crab with ponzu sauce rather than the one they provided, but no biggie.  Overall, Sushi Train is a-ok, with the attentive waitresses making the experience better, but it wasn't as cheap as I had expected [expectations prompted by Urbanspoon]. There's really not much to complain about though!
Self-help condiment and chopsticks!
Price: 20 AUD pp | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

Shop 2 Indooroopilly Junction 100 Coonan Street, Indooroopilly
IndooroopillyQLD 4068
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