Shangri-La (Sunnybank, QLD)

My mum was curious to see what the equivalent of Chinatown here looks like, and since we'd previously gone to the Valley already, I decided to bring her to Sunnybank!  It's where the "real" Chinese food is, after all.  We decided on Shangri-La for yum cha, since she was curious to see how the food compares to food in Asia.

We ended up ordering only a few items cause they were too filling for the two of us [we decided yum cha is really good when you have a larger group to get more variety], but they were all decent.  We got the daikon cake, which is a pretty standard dish, and was better than the place I went to in the Valley.  The fried taro dumplings (芋餃) was interesting, as the filling tastes nothing like the standard ones that I've previously had.  It wasn't particularly tasty, but it wasn't bad.  The outer fried layer wasn't as crispy as usual, though, but it's taro, and taro is yums!  We also had the standard pork dim sum dumplings (燒賣), which was not bad!  The bits of meat were actually quite huge, and although it doesn't look as dainty as some places, the flavor wasn't disappointing.  The service was friendly for the most part, and there were quite a bit of people there that morning.  The food was decently fresh, most likely due to the number of people dining, and their variety was not bad.  There are some dishes that you'll need to request that don't go around on the trolleys.  On weekdays, they charge $1.50 for tea/water/sauces altogether, and weekends, $2, which is I guess decent for Brisbane.
Pork Dumpling (燒賣)
Taro Dumpling
Daikon Cake
I'm not a fan of Chinese food when eating out [for the most part], but if I had a yum cha craving, I just might return! The food was comparable to that of some places in California, and I was actually impressed rather than disappointed [even if my expectations were low].

Price: 15 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3/5
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