Comfort at My Table (Milton, QLD)

A very special visitor arrived today, so I decided that I would take her to the much raved about Comfort at My Table.  It was chilly and rainy today, so I thought that it might not be a good idea - but we trekked out anyway, since I thought that it would be a deliciously delicious experience.

Upon arriving, I was a little underwhelmed by the interior, as I was expecting this decked-out country girl style of a cafe -my impression from all the reviews.  That was disappointment number one.  Then, I was excited to check out their menu and munch, but was greeted by a waitress who seemed less than enthused at seating me and my mum.  Their menu was innovative, but nothing particularly stood out to me, so I decided on the zucchini and smoked salmon fritters and French Toast (12.8).  At 1pm, I could forgive the fact that they ran out of the fritters, and so I went for the French croissant with apple cardamom + etc (16).  The waitress seemed to try to tell me that both were sweet and a bit similar - or maybe she didn't - I really couldn't understand her... so we ended up getting it.

The french toast was so dense and not a bit fluffy like french toast should be, and the berries and ricotta was a big pile of mush with no interest in the flavoring.  It was, however, better than the poor-looking French croissant.  Now, I understand that French croissants are different than American croissants, but this one was just oozed salty butter when I took a bite, which I was rather dismayed at.  Maybe that's the way people like it here, but it was a soggy pastry of salty butter.  The cardamom apples weren't too great either, as they tasted bitter and soggy, so I ended up dousing the little croissant that I ate with the syrup and eating the candied walnuts (which was the best part).  We were very unhappy - and in the States - if customers are unhappy - the chef tries to appease the diners with something on the house.  We complained, and who were we kidding?  They just asked if we wanted to order more savory items!  There was no way I was going to try more after the French Toast.  Maybe they were just having a bad day, or maybe I had ordered the wrong things, but needless to say, this is one place I would not recommend!  I'd much rather make a trip out to New Farm for Banneton or Au Cirque.
House special - French croissant with cardamom apples and candied walnuts
French Toast with fruit and ricotta
Best section in house
Price: 15-20 AUD pp | $$-$$$ (for what the food is worth)
Rating: 2.5/5

Comfort at My Table
Shop 5, 19-23 Cribb St.
Milton, QLD 4064
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