Campos Coffee (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

Today, I finally made my way out to the ever-so-popular Campos Coffee in the Valley.  I havn't had coffee in a while - let alone a good coffee - and so I set out with high hopes to get a taste of what is allegedly the best in town.  There was quite a line when I arrived at Campos, and hoped to secure a seat indoors to snap some shots [where the decor was more interesting] - but given the seating arrangements, I sat outside.  Oh well, next time!  Campos's look was not at all what I expected - but then again - most of Brisbane's cafes seem to be garages or hole-in-a-walls, and maybe that's their charm.  For some reason, the ceiling fans reminded me of Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, and I love their beetle green espresso machine!  The waiters were attentive and friendly, so I was happy with the wait time, even though I was starving.

I had plenty of sleep [the first time in a while], but I felt that I should try their coffee, so I got my usual skinny latte (3.3), though they offer quite a variety of iced coffees, milkshakes, and the sort.  Maybe next time!  Their latte was very fragrant, and was very smooth, and not at all acidic.  Mmm, it was indeed good coffee!

Their menu had a wide variety of items, but I ended up going for the Red Braised Pork Belly (with grilled bok choy, mushrooms, and ginger oyster sauce), as recommended by the waiter.  I was quite satisfied with the Asian-inspired pork belly dish (17) [even though it's always a bit of work for me to strip away the fat] but the skin was deliciously crispy and the meat was flavorful.  I would've liked my mushrooms with more ginger oyster sauce, but overall, the flavors were in balance, the ingredients fresh, and the dish a generous portion.  I would definitely like to try their breakfast sometime, and hopefully get to sit indoors!
Red Braised Pork Belly
Skinny Latte
Outdoor Seating

Price: 20 AUD pp | $$
Rating: 4.5/5 (for Brissy)

Campos Coffee (QLD Website)
11 Wandoo St.
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
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