Au Cirque (New Farm, QLD)

Recently, I hadn't gotten the chance to go out for brunch for one reason or another, but on this particular Sunday, I decided I would get my bum out the door.  I couldn't decide on my destination, since I had all the time in the world (sort of), but I finally chose Au Cirque, or Cirque, since, according to UrbanSpoon, it's on of the best in Brissy.

My memory card has been acting up, and so I've been just snapping shots with my phone while out.  Disappointing, I know.  I was busy fiddling with my phone, and rode the bus one stop too long (to the usual stop), so I almost missed it, as it has quite a small entrance.  The only reason I didn't was because there were people sitting outside, and a lady commented on my BlackMilk Artoo Swimsuit (win!), and I peered in to see what bustling cafe this was.  I was greeted by a friendly man behind the counter, and was led upstairs to a cozy area with chairs and tables and lilies in a vase.  Even though I'm deathly allergic to pollen, lilies are one of my favorites (possibly cause I always had them around the house in Taiwan), and it added to the spring-fulness of the place!

I honestly could not decide what I wanted to eat because everything looked awesomely delicious.  Breakfast is my thing - but I surprised myself and ordered the Reuben Sandwich, which I don't regret at all (even after smelling the eggs the group next to me were devouring).  The meat tasted really fresh and not overcooked or acidic at all, wasn't too salty, and went well with everything it was topped with - creme fraiche?, cheese, dill and sauerkraut.  Oh, it was a glorious Reuben Sandwich!  I havn't had many, but this was one of the better ones.  My chai latte was also delicious, and got me back in the mood to making them at home. Together, it came up to 17.5, which is decent in Brisbane, especially for the heavenly (and heavy) food.  Thumbs up for the food, service, and ambience!

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