Yum Yum Peking Duck (Darra, QLD)

Darra isn't the first place a foodie would look for a nice dinner, but being on our duck craze, we wanted to feast on Peking duck as a post-final celebration.  One academic year down, and pumped for clinical training!  I imagine the switch to full work days will be a bit tiring initially, but I may as well explore the Greenslopes area.  Any suggestions for lunch or dinner?

Since we were at Yum Yum for one thing and one thing only - we ordered the two-course duck, which included the Peking duck and the duck with lettuce wrap.  Other choices are available, but I didn't feel like soup or anything.  The Peking duck (49) was not bad, though they didn't do a good job of cleaning the fat off the skin (which proper Peking duck is supposed to have), and the duck wasn't all that flavorful - maybe cause the sauce and green onions didn't taste right.  The dish is really made for about 10 people as part of a family-style dinner, so I possibly just had a bit too much of the same flavor, but I thought the Peking duck was just mediocre.  I've had much better lettuce wraps before, and don't think I'll be returning to Yum Yum, even though it may be the best for Peking duck in Brissy.  It didn't live up to my expectations, and just got me craving for Great China's peking duck.  Theirs is good enough that I'll put up with their unfriendly and inattentive service just to get some of their duck (and crab and buns)! Ah, I miss good Chinese food...
Price: depends what you eat | $-$$
Rating: for peking duck only - 3.5/5 for Brissy

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