Vinyl (West End, QLD)

I had been waiting a while to try out this trendy little place - but our first try in trying to find this place ended up in a silly little detour to scrambling around West End for a place to eat dinner. Try #2 brought us to Vinyl, a casual spacious bar and tapas restaurant adjacent to its concert venue, The Hi-Fi.

This place really reminds me a bit of House of Blues, not in a its appearance - but rather just the idea of a restaurant affiliated with a concert venue that supports artists from all over the world.  Though this place doesn't look quite as exquisite as the existing House of Blues, it's got a full bar with yummy decently priced American-ish items on the menu and friendly (though a bit disorganized) service.  I had the crispy pork belly [which was actually rather chewy than cirspy] and fish tacos, which were good, but not quite worth the $5 (each).  The wagyu burger, pulled pork roll, and beef brisket sandwich (about $13) looked delicious, and I was told they were good.

Vinyl is a pretty cool hangout for groups, as they have a good amount of seating, food, drinks, and my favorite part - board games to play!  It seems a bit random that they have Scattergories, Pictionary, and the such, but it's actually quite an attraction point, and a reason I would return.  My only complaint is that the lighting was pretty dark all around, meaning my pictures will once against do no justice. Ah, such is life.
Fish Taco
Pulled Pork
Braised Beef Sandwich
Price: 15 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5 (maybe 4/5 for its having board games!)

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