Sourced Grocer (Teneriffe, QLD)

There are still parts of Brissy that I havn't explored due to a lack of car and the difficulty of getting around without one, but being the week after finals, I had a bit more time, so me and a friend decided to trek out to Teneriffe to checkout the hyped about Sourced Grocer.  I honestly had expected something a little larger, though now that I think about it, it is exactly what I should have expected - a local, private-owned organic shop defined by the word earthy.  Having been at Berkeley for four years, I've bought into and grown to like the organic, sustainable foods movement, and like the idea of the Sourced Grocer, but it was a bit out of the way for me.  They really do carry a wide range of fresh and/or organic veggies, pastas, chutney from local companies, as well as chocolates, ice cream, and the such.  It's really a relaxing place to have a clean meal, but I did think that everything was a bit pricey - but such is all organic things.

They have a little cafe on the side, and I ordered the wood fired salmon on rye bread (13), which was decent, but didn't really have that wood-y fragrance that I was looking food, and the flavor was a bit flat.  The bread was also a bit difficult to maneuver, but at least they provided a fork and knife.  The iced latte (5) was very acidic tasting to me, and was way overpriced for what it was worth! [I'm also still not used to the dinky little cups that they serve here in Australia].  My friend had the Sausage Samie (13), which was apparently good, and the milkshake seemed to also be good!

I may be incorrect, but the Sourced Grocer gave me the impression of a business infant, possibly because the guy who took my order did not enunciate a word he said, and was extremely quiet, and the way orders were served seemed very disorganized.  On top of that, those in the "kitchen" making the food were using their bare hands and meticulously placing each item extremely carefully (though the presentation was fine).  The Sourced Grocer really does carry some novel sauces [Sriracha!] and chutneys, but they may need to work on their kitchen logistics... Maybe I just had bad luck with ordering or they just had a bad day, but all things considered, I don't think I'll be returning soon.
Price: 15-20 AUD | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

Sourced Grocer
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