Sage on Ann (Brisbane CBD)

Aptly located in the city right near King George squre, Sage on Ann is a popular trendy and cozy cafe that offers a variety of breakfasts and lunches.  The setup is great for work lunches, and they offer both indoor and outdoor seating. Their claim is that they offer the best coffee around Brisbane - and their lattes (3.5) are really thick and not at all acidic - but I can't vouch for it as the best.  I personally like Sage on Ann because of their pork belly. ;)  I don't know about any other drinks, but their chai latte is just mediocre, though they give you a generous cup.

Their roast pork belly with spicy green papaya salad (15.9) is my favorite (the best pork belly I've had in Brissy so far - and I've had quite a few), and the papaya salad tops it off.  This one left me wanting more!  I had the pork belly sandwich with green apple, and the flavors went well together, but I may move on and try something else if I return...The one downside [for me] is that they don't provide internet, otherwise, I really enjoy the open and bright atmosphere.
Pork Belly with Papaya Salad
Latte in the classic cups I'm used to!
Price: 20 AUD (drink + meal) pp | $-$$
Rating: 4/5 (for pork belly and location)

Sage on Ann
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