Flamingo (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

Finals are in a couple of days!  Procrastinating, procrasti-baking and cooking have been in session as a means to cope with the seriously unnecessary stress that's been making me a little paranoid about getting sick.  And so here I am, listening to good ol' Teddy Geiger and Tenth Avenue North to soothe my soul while procrasti-blogging.  The weather this past week has been a little psycho - stormy to sunny and calm - which makes me feel a little better about staying in pretty much all day and studying till I can't sit anymore.

I wonder how Flamingo has been doing, as this open air cafe is located at the entrance in an alley [Wynn Street Laneway] near the rest of the hubub in the Valley.  Flamingo's an eccentric little hub that serves up some delicious milk shakes (I had the coffee, though I really wanted to try the salted caramel), American diner style!  I loved the "interior" (though there really wasn't much interior) with painted walls and their brightly colored furniture pieces that really made the place pop.  Their slow cooked lamb shank with mashers that I ordered a while back melted in my mouth and was so delicious, and their sandwiches also looked good.

It's a great place for brekky or lunch before or after taking a peek at the boutiques and second hand bookshop in Wynn Lane - or even around the bougie James Street just a few blocks down.  The only thing I noticed was that the servers seemed a bit offish and not super inviting, which turned me off a bit from returning.  Otherwise, Flamingo is a perfectly adequate place in the Valley, tucked away from the city and club scene.
Lamb Shank

Price: 20+ AUD pp for a meal and drink | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

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