Fenton's Creamery (Oakland, CA)

Ice cream has never really been my thing for some reason, and I much prefer cookies, but Fenton's definitely satisfies one good ice cream craving!  Best known for the Fenton's challenge (and being featured in Up), this all-American creamery serves up some of the meanest sundaes that you will ever have.  Coffee ice cream (since it doesn't usually taste as sweet) is kind of my go-to, but the Black & Tan, which is made of toasted almonds, vanilla ice cream, fudge, and more, is one of my favorite combos at Fenton's.  I would definitely recommend 2-3 people to one of the Sundaes of the Sophisticate, as their servings are more than generous!

I like to complement my sugary overload with a Basket of Fries - but that's just me.  I had their Mushroom Swiss Burger, but was not impressed at all, and sorta regretted it.  I'd definitely just stick to their ice cream [and fries], and make sure you coax someone into doing the Fenton's challenge!
part of the fudgy goodness of the challenge...
Price: 15 USD for any of their creations | $$ for ice cream
Rating: 3.5/5

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