Chouquette (New Farm, QLD)

I was so excited to try out Chouquette due to the hype surrounding this French bakery, but they were closed during Ekka week, so I had to wait.  When I finally had time to return to New Farm, I made sure I paid a visit to Chouquette.  Needless to say, I had great expectations to what they had to offer!  Their website had given me a taste of what was in store, and I was excited for the extensive variety of bread rolls, pastries, and cakes.  When I approached Chouquette, I really had expected it to be much busier, with people sitting around and conversing with French coffees - but I found it rather empty.

The glass cases had a few sandwiches, a few cakes and pastries, with a few bread rolls in the back shelf- not at all what I expected, actually.  The place didn't seem particularly French (though I really couldn't say what is and isn't) - no warm ambience, cold chairs and decor inside and out, and their offerings were very meager, and mostly not particularly aesthetically pleasing compared to what they displayed online.  It was a bit of a disappointment to find that I couldn't find the variety of items that I saw online, and everything was a bit pricy.  I did have the orange chocolate cake, which looked the most appealing, and was actually really rich and delicious (good for sharing), but I was sorely disappointed with their bread roll, which was way too dry.  I'm not sure if I should have tried anything in particular- and if I just missed out on some of the good stuff, but unfortunately, Chouquette didn't leave me daydreaming about France.
Price: 5-10 AUD | $ ($$ for baked goods)
Rating: 3/5

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