Satay Club Noodle House (Brisbane CBD)

Tuesday nights are typically uneventful, but tonight we decided to grab some laksa, continuing our laksa streak from the weekend.  We decided to try out Satay Club which we've walked past several times - but honestly would've never entered if it weren't for finding out they serve duck laksa!

We were looking forward to getting the duck laksa since we're both pretty much duck lovers, but I was a bit disappointed when we found out that they ran out!  It was a bit weird cause they told us that they "are running out" which seemed like they have some left... but either way, we ended up getting just chicken and seafood laksa, which wasn't bad, but I imagine the duck would've been better.  For a full on laksa taste, I would definitely recommend the "spicy" for the spice level, as the medium was a bit too mild and flavorless for laksa (and I'm not one to take too much spice).  It wasn't the best laksa ever, but we decided that we may return sometime to try out the duck.  Their fried noodles also looked decent - and hey, on a Tuesday night - it was pretty packed.  The service was decent (except that I found a piece of hair on top of my noodles), and I think I just may prefer coming here than most places in the city if I was searching for a quick Asian fix.
Chicken Laksa (Spicy)
Price: ~13 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

66 Charlotte Street
Brisbane CBD, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3229-8855
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