Sanitarium Kitchen (Brisbane CBD)

Today is a relaxing day, even though I have a big assignment due in the next couple of days.  I'm thanking the heavens (or rather, God), that I have pretty much the whole day free of class, as I direly need time to write and revise.  Me and a friend decided to eat lunch at Sanitarium Kitchen, since we both had been anticipating a trip here since a few weeks ago.  I'm honestly not a fan of the name Sanitarium, because yes- it does sound like another word- but hey, their cereal is pretty decent, so I was hoping their food was too!

Sanitarium Kitchen has a summery vibe and made it the perfect place to lunch on a sunny day, and I wasn't disappointed with my pumpkin risotto (18)!  It was a bit salty, but it was quite delicious, even if there was a little too much cheese for how much risotto there was.  It wasn't too sweet (which most pumpkin things are to me), and I managed to eat. it. all.  I also got the tropical fruit smoothie (4.5), which was alright, and my friend got the daily special blood orange juice (4.5) which she enjoyed.  The other item we got was the daily sandwich special (9.5) which has cucumbers, cheese, rocket, and capsicum(?) and it looked super delicious!  The prices are higher than food court or some cafe food, but it was definitely worth it.  Oh, not to mention, they have wi-fi and plenty of outdoor seating!  Mmm, I shall return...
Price: 15-20 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 4/5 (for free wi-fi and freshness of food)

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