Pork Dumplings + Baked Fish

I've been in a bit of an Asian mood lately and have been craving it frequently. It's been hectic lately, and I know finals week will be just the same, so I decided to make some emergency food! I really dislike the store-bought dumplings because they're unhealthy as hell and leave me burping up the remains of oil, fat, and fake meat. The other alternative is to make them myself!

Dumpling making brings me back to my childhood, where I would help the adults fold dumplings... only to find that mine always were either under-packed with filling, or just ugly. The adults would comment on how "cute" my dumpings were- and it was a good thing I liked eating my oddly shaped dumplings- cause you could always tell mine apart from the rest. My dumpling folding skills havn't improved since then... but hey, homemade ones are still tasty, regardless of the shape! =)

Here's what I used!

800-1000g ground pork
1/8 cabbage
5 garlic cloves (or less, but I LOVE garlic!)
2 tbs of shallots/green onions
1 tbs fresh ginger root
3 tbs of sesame oil
100 dumpling skins
1 egg
1/2 cup flour

I cheated and used pre-made dumpling skins, which I think inevitably taste better than homemade ones (it's like brownies! Dx), but it saves a lot of time. I finely chopped the cabbage, garlic, shallots, and ginger up and mixed them in with the pork, sesame oil and egg, and started folding! I took about a spoonful of filling to the dumpling skin, dabbed half the edges with water to close them up (like an envelope), and that's one! You can add little folds to them (watch Youtube videos?) to embellish them, but I didn't bother with some. With boiling water, cook dumplings for about 8 minutes. When the water boils again, add cold water, and boil again, and then they're done!

I like chopped garlic, spicy sesame oil, and soy sauce with mine, but white vinegar + soy sauce is also pretty good!

I also baked myself some fish. I tossed some shallots, garlic, sesame oil, and salt on the fish, and baked at 190C for 25 minutes.  Mmmm, getting my long-awaited dose of omega-3 fatty acids! =)
 The garlic turns out nice and crispy after it's been baked and oooh it smelled good!
Fish: $2
Dumplings: $20

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