Monty's Chocolate (Paddington, QLD)

I love wandering the streets of Paddington, as they're lined with endless boutiques and tasty restaurants and cafes, but one can only have so much.  Monty's was one of the first places I discovered in Brisbane, and I havn't returned since until now.  I remember it being a lovely mint-color themed shop that was nicely air conditioned on a supremely hot summer day, and I knew I just had to take a peek!

Monty's Chocolates has a large array of chocolates from all over the world - many brands which I have never heard of [even as I'd like to think myself a chocolate connoisseur] - but all of which are in gorgeously designed wrapping and cases.  They also have a variety of handmade truffles and gourmet chocolates, as well as hot chocolate and shakes.  We had the sampler, which came with two hot chocolates and four pieces of chocolate - a lavender, caramel, raspberry, and white chocolate, and salted caramel balls.  The salted caramel balls were my favorite, as well as the raspberry one, which was a little tart.  The rest were alright, but the lavender one was not my thing, as it was a bit too fragrant.  The hot chocolate was a rich and thick consistency which bordered on Italian hot chocolate, but not quite as thick, though it definitely calls for a cup of water!
Monty's is a great place to find world chocolates, especially as a pit stop on a toasty spring stroll, but I wouldn't let myself visit too often, as the chocolates don't come cheap... and in fear of emptying my pockets!

Price: depends on if you get just a chocolate, bars, or their drinks | $$
Rating: 3/5

Monty's Chocolates
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