Little Greek Taverna (West End, QLD)

Every time I pass Little Greek Taverna, I make an inquiry in hopes of them possibly being able to accomodate my group for dinner at one of Brisbane's most popular restaurants.  Little Greek is always packed with satisfied looking diners eating away, and I sulk at the fact that I keep forgetting to make a reservation ahead of time.  Tonight, on an eventful Wednesday, I decided to try my luck with a friend visiting from Melbourne.  There was an open table [lucky us!] so we gladly took it.

Little Greek has the perfect ambience for warmer nights with its open seating, adding to the authenticity of the "tavern."  The service was speedy and the waiters|waitresses were super friendly - and we even bonded with the waiter who came from the same hometown as my friend! Sac-town represent?  He totally made my experience at Little Greek more awesome!  Not to mention, the prices are decent for Oz...
Lamb Souvla
Lamb Souvla + Greek Salad

The food looked appetizing (which I don't usually say often), smelled even more drool-worthy, and was indeed deliciously delicious!  My favorite out of what we had were the dolmades, which we got with the lemon potatoes.  The lamb souvla was super gamey - which grossed me out a little.  I'm not usually one to complain about meat being gamey, and this was hard to eat.  It could have used a little more seasoning to cover up the smell!  The Greek salad was a nice light side to balance out the other items, and it was an overall good experience!  Though it wasn't the best Greek food I've had, the only disappointment was that the "peach tea" was actually just a bottle of the Lipton stuff...

Price: 15-20 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

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