King of Kings Seafood (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

I've been lazing about for the past few days, which will probably come with consequences pretty soon since exam week is coming up - but we were craving yum cha, so we tried to "research" the Brisbane area.  The choices are really quite meager, as we found a few places scattered around, but none that seemed to be particularly popular.  Since we decided yum cha was what we wanted, we decided that we wouldn't set our expectations very high, and just go for the best one we could find [with best being most convenient and decent].

Our search landed us in the center of Chinatown in the Valley, at King of Kings Seafood, a place pretty much the epitome of Chinese restaurants - with the live fish and the big round tables.  When we got there at about 1pm, it was actually rather packed.  There were groups of families - both Asian and non [I mention this because it may just as well be a gauge to how authentic a restaurant is], and the place remained busy even as we were leaving since the place serves dim sum till late.  Also, because there were constantly diners coming in and out, some of the yum cha that was being reeled around was pretty fresh!

The food was as expected - decent - but not great.  Everything was very standard, and the cha siu pastry was not too bad, but I don't recommend the taro cake (?-芋頭糕), which was way too dry and didn't taste much like taro.  The roast duck that we had was also a bit dry and without the crispy skin, which disappointed me, since duck is a very forgiving meat.  Overall, it was not a bad experience, and the waitresses were very friendly, but it was a bit pricey.  We got quite a bit of food and were filled to the brim, but it was a bit over $20 for each of us - and I don't know if I can get used to restaurants here charging for tea per person.

Roast Duck
Guy Lan
Price: 15-20 AUD | $$
Rating: 3/5

King of Kings Seafood and Yum Cha Restaurant
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