J Kitchen (Surfer's Paradise, QLD)

In my adventures with Feren and Boris at Surfer's Paradise, we stopped at a Japanese place that was manned by just one Japanese chef and a waitress.  J Kitchen popped up as a popular choice while searching for something to satisfy our hungry tummies, and so we wandered into the traditional looking little shop.  I'd forgotten to blurb about this place...

The food was decent, though not particularly authentic.  The kimchi ramen soup base was good, but not outstanding, but I did like another udon soup base.  The food took a while to come since they were a bit understaffed, but it was cheap and satisfying. Here are some of the noms we had...
Beef Udon
Kimchi (?) Spicy Pork Ramen
Price: 10 AUD pp | $
Rating: 3/5

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