T4's Gourmet Pizza & Pasta (Toowong, QLD)

I'm normally not a fan of pizza, nor do I choose to eat it very often. In fact, I used to refuse free pizza that is often handed out at club meetings when I was in my undergrad university.  I would think back to the days of "cardboard cheese" on Domino's boxes of individually packed pizza slices ordered in grade school and wince.  Once in a while, I do enjoy pizza though, especially if it's from Cheeseboard, but T4 Gourmet Pizza House will very much do.  The pizza crust is the perfect thickness, and has a nice crunch, but isn't over baked.  Since I'm not a big fan of deep dish pizza and lots of tomato sauce on my pizza anyway, this is the perfect place for me!  Oh, and they're very generous with the toppings!

They have a "lunch special" where any small pizza from two of their select menus comes with a free drink for the price of just a pizza, and it's not a bad deal!  I got the vegetarian pizza and a can soda for just $10, but some of their other menu items tend to be a little pricier, especially for a "fast food-y" place like T4.  Upsides are that T4 is open past lunchtime (past 2pm) and right in the hustle bustle of Toowong - but a downside is that they are cash only.  But hey, they're good enough for me to return to. =)
Italian Chicken Pizza (14)
Vegetarian Pizza
Price: 10-15 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

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