Grill'd Burger (Wintergarden Centre)

Warm weather makes me want barbecued burgers and hot dogs, especially since it was just Labor Day in the States and is basically throw-a-bbq day...and since I'm the burger fiend, I was craving burgers (plus it's the healthier option of the two)!  For a hungry me and Boris, I decided that we'd try the Wintergarden Grill'd, which I've passed quite a few times thinking it looks nicer than the one in South Bank.

Grill'd's (that's weird) look is novel, and varies between chains, but I especially like this one with it's extra-large fork "chandelier" and wooden interior decor (and went a little photo happy with my iPhone).  Their decor isn't anything elaborate, but simple and novel.  I like their overall presentation of both the place and the food, plus they give you an "emergency knife" for those who have hard time managing their burger...
I had the Moroccan Lamb burger, which was better than one of their beef burgers that I had some time ago, and their fries were pretty good as usual.  Boris had a beef burger, which looked pretty good, especially with the panini bread, rather than the traditional.  Though the patties were still the "Australian burger patties" that come in "pattie-cutter" form and resemble meatloaf, the burger combinations of Grill'd's burgers still better than a lot of places that I've tried.  Yee, I'm not sure that meal was exactly 'healthy' as they advertise it, but it did leave me full for quite a while after... 
Moroccan Lamb Burger 
Price: 10-15 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

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