Denim Co. (South Bank, QLD)

The last stop of Feren's Brissy adventures was in South Bank, as we had to choose something not too far from the air train.  Since the weather was once again absolutely beautiful, we decided to grab brekky where we could get some sun outside, so we decided on Denim Co., a cafe that always seems to be busy on Saturday mornings when I pass by.

Denim Co. is an open air cafe along one of the busier streets of South Bank, and interestingly enough, is accompanied by a denim shop of the same name, which carries designer jeans and clothing.  I only first noticed this place due to its busy Saturdays along a strip of restaurants that don't have much business on Saturday brunch time, and the diners always look relaxed and satisfied.  I really like their denim cushions that go along with the theme of the cafe, and I love that the cafe is open-air, but their service is absolutely terrible!  The cashier didn't understand half the things I was saying, and vice versa, and I swear it wasn't my accent because the same happened to Feren, who has a heavy Aussie accent.  Then, they gave us a table number, but brought us the wrong drink, then brought our food to another table.  Maybe they were busy, or it was just a bad day, but I was not a happy camper.
Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs on Rye Bread
Chicken Aioli Toasted Sandwich
Most of the food Denim Co. offers is already pre-made and in the display cases, which already turns me off a little from the start, but we decided that it was our best bet.  The chicken aioli toasted sandwich was pretty tasty, but could use more flavors, as it just tasted flat and only like aoili.  The smoked salmon and poached eggs on rye bread not any better, and was a bit disappointing, as it the smoked salmon didn't taste very fresh or like anything smoked - and the rye bread was probably the best part.  I got the affogato, which was alright, but a very stingy cup [compared to other placed I've had], and my friend had the chai tea, which I think she liked.  They charge a bit more for their drinks than most other cafes, but without being especially impressive - making our total $34.  Needless to say, I was quite disappointed, and really wouldn't recommend this place, as nothing I had was really worth trying.  The service was terrible, the food underwhelming, and the prices shockingly high. No, no bueno.
Chai Tea 
Denim Couches!
Price: 20 AUD pp | $$
Rating: 2.5/5

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