Crepe Cafe (South Bank, QLD)

A very undecided me brought me to South Bank for brunch this Saturday, and due to my undecidedness, I took the suggestion of a couple of friends to eat at the Crepe Cafe.  I was wavering between a few cafes, but my hurriedness decided to just eat something quick.  Somehow, I always end up not getting crepes at a crepe specialty place - and so I got Applelicious Waffles and ham, cheese, and tomato club sandwiches.  The waffles were super sweet, especially with that ice cream and whipped cream, and really not my thing.  Canned fruit is also not really my thing [canned anything is a nono, generally], so it wasn't my favorite, and the waffles were pretty mediocre, especially since waffles aren't that difficult to make.  Toasted club sandwiches are always delicious, and I enjoyed them, but still, not the best sandwiches.  I think I would have preferred going to Denim Co. or some other cafe along the South Bank Parklands instead, but oh well.  I was satiated and had brain food for the afternoon!  Ah, I'm craving Crepe Vine now...
Price: ~10 AUD per item | $ (-$$ for what it's worth)
Rating: 2.5/5

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