Chocolate Soldier (Brisbane CBD)

I often walk past Chocolate Solider and peer into its warm, inviting space, telling myself that one day I will bring a good book to read while sipping on hot chocolate.  I've been quite taken by the place upon my first impression.  Who wouldn't like a place called Chocolate Soldier?  I know I would more than love to serve in the chocolate army!
Well, that day hasn't come yet, where I can finally sit and relax to read a book at a cafe (hasn't happened in a while), but I did stop to grab something while working on my paper.  It was noon and bustling with lunchers when I went, but the staff was very friendly, and seemed to recognize a lot of returning customers.

I tried the mocha with my pistachio lemon coffee cake, as I thought a hot chocolate would be too sweet, as well as the chicken, ham and cheese sandwich.  The mocha was thick and rich, and the coffee cake was moist and a nice combination of pistachio and lemon.  I'm a big fan of pistachio, so I think it was a good choice for me.  It wasn't the best coffee cake ever, but it was delicious.  I'm sad to say I don't feel the same about the sandwich, as it was dry and didn't taste fresh, and I ended up taking the chicken out.  I didn't actually have any of their chocolate, but maybe they're worth a try.  Overall it was a mixed experience, and I don't know if I would recommend this place, even if it is conveniently located right in the center of the city.  Not a good value for it's price...
Pricing: 15 AUD pp (drink + snack) | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

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