Brew (Brisbane CBD)

I was surprised at not having mentioned this hidden cafe before, as it's actually been one of my go-to cafes in the city for quite a few months now.  Perhaps it was my subconscious not wanting to mention my work hub to others...but now that I have, I'll share why Brew has been one of my favorites in Brisbane!

This underground cafe tucked away in Burnett Lane (which I had a difficult time finding at the beginning of my adventures in Brissy) reminds me a little of the Frisco cafe bars like Cafe Du Nord, but a little more cafe-centric and with comfy seating.  Though Brew caters a bit more to those of the Indie scene, which my friends insist is quite like my style (and I kinda disagree - it's just the Berkeley effect), I often find quite a diverse group of diners at Brew - from businessmen|women to tourists to the art developers working away on their Macs.  I like that there are tables I can work at, but also couches I can just relax on if I just want to catch up with a friend, and on top of that, there's internet! Wowie, it's hard to find a cafe here in Brissy that offers free wi-fi, and this is one of them!

The variety of food served at Brew really isn't extensive as they don't really serve "mains," but what they do offer (lots of breads) is pretty good, and they do have vegetarian and gluten free options.  I've had the fruit toast with honey+ricotta (7.5) is delicious and got me hooked on the honey and ricotta combo, and their toasted sandwiches (8.5) are good too!  Their coffee is just alright, but I love the Nine Owls Chai that they use, which is apparently locally grown and produced right outside of Brisbane! Mmm, I also craved chai so much that I went to T2 and bought my own leaves. Come to think of it, Brew has gotten me hooked on quite a few things! I havn't gone at night or to their music events, but I can sometimes hear the bustle while walking through Queen Street Mall, and it seems like quite a party!
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Onion, and Spinach Toasted Sandwich
Follow the rabbit!
One of my favorite decor choices - playing card table "numbers"
Brew isn't one of the best lit places to study, but it offers the study essentials - free wi-fi, a nice big table, bathrooms, and caffeine!  It's not the quietest place ever - so if you need silence for studying, then this is not the place for you. Oh, and if the smell of smoke is offensive to you, you'll have to brave through a short alleyway, and Brew is just around the corner...

Price: 15 AUD | $-$$
Rating: 4.5/5 (for ambience, wi-fi, occasional shows, and apparently their drinks)

Brew (website)
Lower Burnett Lane
Brisbane CBD, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3211-4242
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