Bean on Dean (Toowong, QLD)

Thursdays are always my hard-at-work days [for the most part], as a last stretch before the weekend type of thing, but before all the catching up, me and some of the girls decided to make a trip out to Bean on Dean, which really isn't close to anything in Toowong.  Either way, we decided that it was worth a trip out since it was a much talked about cafe in the area, and we weren't disappointed.

We accidentally overshot a bus stop on our way, saw the homey cafe in the midst of construction and plain buildings, and were immediately taken by Bean on Dean.  What stood out to me first were their novel stools and chairs, along with the large mural and overhead lightbulb lamps, all of which came together to give the cafe an industrial meets earthy ambience.  Oh, and I especially liked their table numbers that are set on a large wooden spool with thread!

The menu was neatly chalked on the board behind counter, where a flamboyant neon lime green espresso machine sits next to jars of baked goods.  I do quite like the unexpected hints of pop art around the cafe juxtaposed with everything else wooden - it just seems to really work!  Well anyway, I wanted to just take snaps of everything, but onto what we had...

Me and a friend ordered the Salmon Dance (13), which was smoked salmon and cream cheese spread with capers and onions, which wasn't exceptionally tasty (though the capers really does add a kick).  I wasn't sure if I liked the cream cheese, which tasted like it could have been home made - but it wasn't the generic store-bought type.  It was definitely tasty, but it didn't really stand out to me too much.  We also got the Kerfuffle (10), which had fresh feta with rocket and avocados, and seemed to be tasty, but seemed quite easy to make and not worth the price.  We also got the British Ploughmans, which was essentially a "wine platter"-an assortment of Granny smith apples, cheeses, and sourdough bread with a cold meat pie (which is really still an odd concept to me).  It was a nice sunny day, and so we also got iced coffees (5.5), which were a treat! [Especially cause we aren't used to putting ice cream in our iced coffee]
British Ploughmans (oops! my camera's out of focus)
Long Black with Milk
Overall, we enjoyed the place and the food, but thought that the menu was a bit centralized around bread, with less variation than ideal.  The servers were awesome and really friendly, and were very attentive to their customers and their comfort.  The only downside is that without a car, this place is a bit further than I'd like it to be, and don't know when I'll be heading back...

Price: 20 AUD pp | $$
Rating: 3/5

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