Basil, basil, basil!

BASIL [bey-zhul]
Basil is probably my all time favorite herb, and I'm sure many share the same sentiment as me.  I've tried to grow my own plant, but unfortunately, millions of little aphids attacked it, and I couldn't be bothered buying ladybugs to counterattack the aphids, so I just resort to store bought basil.  I absolutely love the smell of basil, and it's used commonly in Taiwanese cuisine, as well as Italian and well - by everyone!

I love basil in sandwiches, and I also absolutely love pesto sauce. Pesto pasta, pesto pizza, pesto in sandwiches! Ok, I'm going to stop now, in fear of sounding a bit cuckoo.  I bought one bunch of pesto, and it lasted me in making pesto sauce, as well as for bruschettas, which are one of my easiest go to snacks.  Bruschettas are super easy and super tasty.  I just dice up tomatoes and chop up basil and a clove of garlic.  Add salt, pepper, a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and top it with some cheese (I use Colby), and voila!  When I have stale bread, I toast it twice, and either bake it for about 15 minutes in the oven at 160C or just microwave it (yes, I know it's not glorious), and you have a tasty study snack!
Makeshift brushetta
Didn't have a blender or Magic Bullet so I used a mortar and pestle!
Used it on top of my grilled lamb chops!

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