Anouk (Paddington, QLD)

Continuing our Brisbane fooding chronicles, Feren and I headed to Paddington to try out Anouk, which has been on my "want to try" list for quite a while, given its reputation. It was our first time, and upon arriving, I immediately fell in love with the place! I love their style with the framed chalkboard menu on the wall, their couches, and the laid back countryside [and somewhat rustic] ambience. Though the rustic feel is "in" and trendy right now, Anouk still had it's own simple and clean personality.

We were greeted by a very friendly waitress who seated us promptly outside, which we requested in the streak of good weather. I was tempted to order a blended juice or smoothie, but knew we were heading elsewhere for dessert, so we just ordered two items. We had the Crispy Skin Duck Confit with Lychee Red Curry (23) and the Pan Fried Asparagus, Proscuitto, Roast Almonds, and Poached Duck Egg with Hollandaise (18.5).
Crispy Duck and Lychee Red Curry and Cassava
The duck was pretty amazing, as the meat was tender with a crispy skin that left me wanting more! The red curry was a perfect fit for the duck, reminding me of my love for the duck and curry noodles at Noodle Theory in Berkeley, though the cassava was an interesting fit with the curry. Either way, I enjoyed the lychee addition to the traditional curry, and would definitely recommend this new item on their menu. Our other order wasn't bad, as the asparagus was good and the proscuitto was actually one of the better ones that I've had, but it wasn't too interesting. I love poached [duck] eggs, but the hollandaise sauce, which was supposed to be horseradish (I asked), was a bit of a disappointment.  The smell of it reminded us of Elmer's glue, and wasn't the most appetizing smell or texture...
Overall, I was really satisfied with Anouk, especially with their effort in tweaking the classic breakfast|lunch items, and though it is a bit of a higher end cafe, I would definitely return!

Price: 25 AUD pp (drink + dish) | $$
Rating: 4/5

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