Veggie Galette

I've been eyeing the zucchini and ricotta galette from Smitten Kitchen for a while now, and finally got around to it: attempt #1 at a freeform pie crust.  The final product turned out better than expected, as the crust I made was a bit sticky and hard to mold by hand.  It tasted pretty good, except for the fact that I knew how much butter and cheese went into it that I was a bit put-off by the thought.  I did cut 1/8 of the butter out, but that was pretty much it.  I would definitely use less cheese next time, as the original recipe was a bit too heavy for my taste...and I plan to load it with more veggies.  I would probably use the recipe again, though the process was a bit tedious and used too many bowls and containers...and I don't quite like washing dishes. =P
I made mine with zucchinis, onions, and basil!

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