The Villager (Brisbane CBD)

I was scouting out for a place with wi-fi to study, but unfortunately, Elizabeth Arcade was closed on the public holiday, and the only nearby place open on the streets was The Village.  I'd passed by this stylish but comfortable looking "gastropub" plenty of times, watching their baristas serve take-away coffee from the bar/cafe counter.  It seemed like a nice casual place to have a meal - not romantic enough for a first date, but not just any casual restaurant.  In all honesty, I've never really been interested in trying the place, especially with their steep menu and my non-alcoholic tendencies, but since I was out already, I decided to make my stop.

I was greeted by a friendly waitress and asked to seat myself, and was promptly approached for her to take my order.  The skinny flat white (3.5) was decent - not too acidic - but definitely not better than Alen's Espresso.  I got the Wagyu burger (18) from their "daily special" menu, but didn't understand why it was a special when it was on their normal menu...  The burger patty was flavorful and not mied in with other veggies like most Aussie burger patties I've had, and the tomato chutney went well with the fermented garlic aioli.  I must warn anyone who wants to try the burger though - the aioli was this strange asphalt gray color which made the burger look rather unappetizing.  Ignoring the looks of the aioli, the burger was probably the best one I've had so far in Brisbane [which really isn't saying much].  The beer-battered fries were decent, though the texture of the potatoes were a bit 'sandy.'  Though the food was just average for the price and definitely not the best bang for your buck, the salt level was actually pretty perfect.  

The Villager has a supper club that allows private or business functions to book out different rooms - for a price of course.  They apparently also have free wi-fi, which I didn't use... and even then, they for some reason added a 15% surcharge to my bill!  I wonder if it was because of the public holiday, or if they were taking advantage of me being a foreigner or a non-regular- but for whatever reason...I'm not pleased, especially because the service wasn't even that great.  Either way, I was rather dismayed, and don't think I would return, especially with other [better] dining options that have been popping up around Brisbane.

Price: 20 AUD pp | $$ (not worth it)
Rating: 2.5/5

The Villager Gastropub
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  1. Its a routine thing to add a 15% public holiday surcharge in Australia. They do it to cover extra costs of staff wages for the day. Hope that helps ;)

  2. It's actually illegal to add holiday surcharges since 2009. The restaurant must provide alternate menus.

    1. REALLY. Well, I no longer have the receipt, but I thought that there was something wrong with it. It wasn't written on the menu either. Hmph.


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