Tea Centre (Brisbane CBD)

I've been on a chai latte craze lately, and have been sampling them everywhere.  I love the Nine Owls tea that Brew serves, but it's a bit hard to get my hands on some (it's online only).  I recently bought some chai from Tea Centre and the organic stuff from T2, but I havn't decided what I like more.  The chai from Tea Centre is quite enjoyable, and on a non-momentous afternoon, I decided to study at the Tea Centre (cafe/restaurant) in Albert Lane.

Tea Centre is a quiet hub tucked away just off of Queen Street- the perfect place for a casual meeting or an undisturbed read of your favorite book.  Sherlock Holmes, anyone?  This Tea Centre offers a variety of pots of tea, as well as a good selection of delicious desserts, some which are displayed in a rotating glass case.  They also have all the teas normally found at Tea Centres, along with some tea pots - some of which are a bit overpriced.

I walked in on a chilly afternoon, and decided to get the Devonshire Tea Set (8.5), which includes a small pot of tea and a scone with jam+cream.  I got the vanilla chai, which was perfect for the weather- though I'd have to say, I preferred the Nine Owls Chai.  The scone was moist and satisfying, and better than the Gluten-Free Orange-Cranberry cake (8.5) I had.  The cake was just mediocre and tasted rather pre-made, though the execution is quite nice, sprinkled with rose petals and topped with a dob of cream.  I would definitely recommend the Devonshire Tea Set, especially on a first-time visit!

Gluten-Free Orange-Cranberry Cake
I havn't tried the sandwiches, but I'd like to when my feet take me there one day..

Price: 10-15 AUD (tea + pastry) | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

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