Sprinkles Cupcakes

Whether or not they are in fact the original haute cupcake bakery that started the cupcake craze, they remain my favorite - coming out on top of Big Man Bakes (Los Angeles), Cupcakates (San Francisco), and other places I've tried.  It's their perfectly moist cupcakes, topped with the creamiest, yet not overly-sweet frosting that makes Sprinkles cupcakes a ten out of ten.  I say this is the reason, because I'm the type of girl who scrapes of half, if not all of the frosting off of a cupcake because it's either grossly colored or overly sugary.  Sprinkles, on the other hand, doesn't use grotesque artificial coloring in the edible parts (only on their 'modern dots' to identify the cupcake), and uses yummy sprinkles!  It may sound stupid of me - saying how Sprinkles has good sprinkles - but I typically don't like sprinkles on anything either, and I highly enjoy theirs.  On top of their cupcakes that speak for themselves, their 'organic' design, wooden spoons and display case, as well as their 'doggy cupcakes' are an extra for this spectacular yet low key bakery.  So there you go - my favorite cupcake place. Ever.

Pumpkin + Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

PS- My favorite is the Dark Chocolate, but the Red Velvet and Lemon are also really good, if you're into something lighter. Actually, never mind. Every single one I've tried has been good. So good I buy the tinned packages of Sprinkles mix that come with the dots (collaboration with Williams Sonoma).

Price: 3.5 USD/cupcake | $
Rating: 5/5

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