Public (Brisbane City, QLD)

We had been anticipating Public as a post-exam treat for a while since it's one of the most hyped about restaurants in the Brisbane City area... I pass Public frequently, and I peer into its windows frequently, wondering if the food is as good as its name.  Located right in the business district, it's the perfect after-work location for a drink and some tapas.  Unfortunately, the three of us that decided to go here for a dinner date don't drink often, so we didn't try any of their drinks...

I had seen pictures of Public from blogs and reviews, but because of its dimly lit atmosphere, I didn't really know what to expect.  Public's interior is sleek and stylish, with leather seating and spacious seating, and has a loung-y romantic feel, but honestly, I found their interior decor a bit random and un-themed.  They had a few nice vintage pieces, and the overall feel didn't bother me too much, except for the fact that they kept dimming and readjusting the lighting.

Their drink menu is elaborate and tempting, and course menu innovative, which includes the Kentucky Fried Duck (KFD), which we tried.  I was all hyped-up for the KFD (26), but was quite underwhelmed.  The batter on the duck was tasty, but fell right off the meat as we tried to cut through the meat.  On top of that, it seemed over-fried, and the duck meat was bland and plain and not marinated.  I love duck meat, but I actually wouldn't suggest this...

We also had the Wagyu Tataki (26), which was delicious on its own and had a perfect texture - seared on the outside and just rare enough to not be overly sinew|chewy.  My only complaint was that the horseradish that it supposedly came with could have had a stronger horseradish flavor.  We also had a side of Potato Skins, which were not bad, though the aioli|sour cream that it came with was a bit thick.  The Truffle Macaroni and Cheese (12) was not bad, and the ramekins or whatever it came in gave the sides a little burn crust, which I liked.  Overall, the dishes were just mediocre, with the Wagyu beef being the best of the night, and so we decided that we had had enough and decided to end the night with just four items.  I was rather disappointed, as I had never really experienced a Tapas place that I wasn't satisfied with, but I think Public will be my first.  Maybe I'll give their drinks their try one day, but for now, I unfortunately won't be returning for their food.

Wagyu Tataki

Potato Skins

Truffle Mac n Cheese

Display Bread, Cheese, and Apples
Price: 25-35 AUD pp | $$ ($$$ if you drink)
Rating: 3/5

Public (website)
Level 1 400 George Street
Brisbane CBD, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3210-2288
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