Pablo (New Farm, QLD)

As a celebratory|condolence post-midterm treat, we ate like kings on the weekend.  Our first destination was Pablo, a casual and cozy cafe located right on Brunswick Street, where pretty much all the food action takes place in New Farm.  With patio and outside seating, the inviting and laid-back atmosphere of this cafe makes me want to read magazines in a sundress and sip on a cup of their milkshakes or chai lattes.  Their course presentation is also trendy, using mini wooden cutting boards and stovetop pots, giving it a rustic feel.  The best part, though, is that they play my kind of music!  For me, that pretty much was the cherry on top.

Their chai latte was quite good, with lots of cinnamon [just the way I like it!], and I'd like to try their milkshakes...  The waitress was quite friendly, but on a busy Saturday, their service was slow.  Yeah, they informed us that it would a bit slow, but we waited for a good 20-25 minutes before our food came.  No bueno.  Anyway, I figure they have a changing menu from time to time, but I feel as if their menu can be a bit daunting to the normal eater, with terms like 'speck' and 'bubble and squeak' and a lengthy name for each item.
Savory Mince with Toast
We really didn't know what to order, and ended up ordering two items, both served in stovetop pots.  I got the savory mince from the breakfast menu, which was pretty good, as it had speck (which is apparently Juniper flavored ham), chorizos and spinach, served with creme fraiche (I think it had dill in it).  Wowie, it was filling... and I wasn't even hungry for dinner!  The other item, from the lunch menu, was toulouse handmade sausage cassoulet, slow cooked with root vegetables, beans, tomatoes and herbs, with (seeded) sourdough.  The latter was just a bit too tomato-y for me, and I thought it was rather bland.  The savory mince wasn't bad, but having a whole pot-ful of it was a bit too much.  I would suggest sharing any of the items that are served in a stovetop pot, just for the sake of variety...

Toulouse Handmade Sausage Cassoulet
Savory Mince with Speck, Chorizo, etc.
Price: 20 AUD pp | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

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