Mövenpick (South Bank, QLD)

After an awesome dinner and game of Scattergories at Vinyl, the group of us decided we would calorie splurge and end the night with ice cream [especially since the weather's been warming up].  With Mövenpick being my favorite ice cream bar here in the Brisbane area, we headed towards the South Bank location since it was on the way back home.  Even though generic [non-home made] ice cream isn't usually my thing, especially if it doesn't contain mixed in Oreos or Butterfingers, I enjoy Mövenpick's selection of flavors- even their sorbets!  If you're on an ice cream craving and want a quick fix, it's the place to go.  Though possibly slightly more expensive than other ice cream bars, the quality is definitely better [especially for a mass-produced product], and they also serve drinks and waffles with their ice cream!

I must mention, though, that I usually go for flavors like Rum and Pistachio, but theirs are actually not my favorite.  I would recommend the espresso one for coffee-flavor lovers, and the swiss chocolate (and I never go for chocolate ice cream).  The Maple Walnut is also delicious, as well as their berry flavors.  Whatever flavor, it's the best place in South Bank for a quick ice-cream fix after a movie cause they're open till late! =)

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