Moray Cafe (New Farm)

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Because I fail at planning things, and didn't make sure I could use a coupon thing I had...instead of eating at the original chomping destination, I ended up going to a cafe in New Farm called Moray Cafe, known for their Reverend's Coffee blend, as well as for their consistently good menu.  Here's what I had at Moray Cafe!

On my arrival I was commenting on the fact that I didn't exactly know how to order coffee in Australia but how I liked that mostly everything was espresso, and was immediately greeted by a friendly someone [who seemed to be the owner], who quickly suggested an Americano.  I didn't exactly react in the friendliest way [oops] - but it was more of my reaction to the fact that I don't like Americanos... Either way, my latte had a nice blend, and still not as good as Alen's Espresso.

The grilled Italian pork and fennel sausage was quite tasty, though the salt in each of the items seemed slightly unevenly balanced - though in a way that wasn't too significant.  The beans were just alright for me- tasty, but the taste of tomato was a bit too strong.  Nonetheless, the bread and poached egg (Mmm) was good as always.

The employees were attentive and extremely friendly, and the place has a nice ambience, with casual outdoor seating - perfect for Brisbane weather!  Their service wasn't horrible, like I'd heard, and Moray Cafe's menu is decently priced for a cafe with a "creative" menu and presentation, which is probably why the seating is constantly filled (hearsay).  Oh, and they also have wifi, which seems to be rare around the CBD and South Bank regions in Brisbane!

Price: 15-20 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

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