Miette Cakes (Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA)

One of my favorite places in the Ferry Building in San Francisco is Miette.  They have an array of different desserts in their display cases, including my all-time favorite macarons, cakes, and rows of novelty chocolate in bowls displayed along the side.  Their mini freezer of ice cream sandwiches is pretty much what I go for every single time, as they use their famous cookies or crackers and top-quality chocolate (Varhona) and other ingredients.

Their macarons are pretty much are the best macarons I've had, topping Masse's in Berkeley.  They're the perfect texture, a bit chewy, not as overly-sweet as other places, and the perfect amount of flavor.  I'm a fan of the rose macaron, but their other flavors are also amazing! And no food coloring involved!  Their ice cream is also a must, and you can take home some of their prepackaged cookies to munch on. I can promise they won't last long!

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