Kofoo Korea Food (Brisbane CBD)

One of my quickie 'fast food' places in the city had been Kofoo, located near the David Jones department store.  The idea is to serve tasty Korean food, as well as sushi, but catering it to those who are in for a fast hot meal.  I'd stumbled upon it one night after returning from Sydney, as it was one of the only places open on a Sunday.  I had the pork katsu curry deopbap, which was actually not bad.  It wasn't elaborate, but it was simple and filling, especially for $7.

I've returned on other occasions, but found that they are a bit inconsistent - depending on who is preparing the food.  This past time I went, I witnessed cold meat in the bibimbap (how does that happen???) and my over-fried (probably refried) chicken katsu was massively doused with curry in a sloppy and unattractive manner.  Anyway, I doubt I will be returning anytime soon, especially since Sushiro and the David Jones food court is across the street (and there's always GYG)... but here are the shots anyway.
Their other signage had K-pop stars on it =.=
Pork Katsu Deopbap

Bulgogi Bibimbap
Chicken Katsu Deopbap
Price: less than 10 AUD pp | $
Rating: 3/5

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