Holy Moly Espresso (Spring Hill, QLD)

I've never been to Spring Hill, but had a meeting there and so decided to plant myself down at a cafe and grab a latte before working on a dreaded essay.  Wowie, Spring Hill is really hilly!  And so I had a nice trek to the Holy Moly Espresso.

I had a good first impression of the cafe- warm wooden tables and a wall lined with art, of what theme I couldn't tell.  There were also two chairs on coat hangers used as decor, which I found to be a bit cooky- which I like- but it looked a bit out of place.  Either way, this cafe has quite a variety of hot foods, which are probably better than the stale-ish cherry pie that I got.  With many locals coming in an out, I figure Holy Moly is one of the more popular places with decent food and friendly staff.  Unfortunately, I didn't try any of the hot food, but from what I saw, their plates seemed tasty.  The latte was nothing special, but then again, nothing beats Alen's Espresso!  Either way, here's what I got...
Price: ~10 AUD | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

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