Guzman y Gomez

This Chipotle Monster has had constant cravings for Chipotle and was going through withdrawal, so I started making my own carnitas and chicken burritos, but some days I'm too lazy.  And some days, I just want my good ol' faithful Chipotle.  My frequent trips to Chipotle before coming to Australia has put me in miserable times upon arriving here in Brissy.  I had to stop pining and settle for less, but I was quite pleased to find that a Guzman y Gomez opened up in the city (on top of its Wintergarden location).

Not a restaurant, but not quite fast food, Guzman y Gomez has become one of my favorite 'cheap eats' in Brisbane, even if it's not quite authentic Mexican food [but then again, neither is Chipotle].  It's got a similar feel, with a super-casual ambience, and the occasional serenade and guitar.  There is a choice of their marinated steak, chicken, pork, and baraumundi (and veggie), which can come in a burrito, taco, quesadilla, nachos, or salad form, which is quite similar to the menu at Chipotle [minus the assembly line].  Their meats are marinated and grilled, and are indeed quite tasty!  I usually go for a Chicken Guerrero burrito (10.5), as tacos are a bit too messy for me, but the burritos also come in mini-sizes (6.5)!  All 768 Calories (3,209Kcal) includes the meat with their pico de gallo, black beans, rice, and cheddar cheese, with guac that comes at an extra cost of a dollar.  The service is always friendly and quick, and on weekdays the canned|bottled drinks are $1 during lunch hours!  I see a dangerous addiction possibly coming on for this Monster...Uh-ohs!

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Price: ~10 AUD pp | $
Rating: 4/5

Guzman y Gomez
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