Burma Superstar (Oakland, CA)

On a nice sunny Sunday, me and a friend decided to go on a special lunch treat at Burma Superstar, a modern Burmese restaurant located right on Telegraph Avenue.  I had never been, and the style was a surprise to me, as I wasn't expecting a sleek-looking, simply decorated, yet very appropriate interior.  We were promptly seated and handed a cute menu with a list of everything yummy sounding!

My eyes are bigger than my belly sometimes (only sometimes), but we limited ourselves, and went for the Burmese Samusas for starters, which were deep fried to perfection.  The curry was delicious and not too overpowering or acidic, and the sauce was great too!  We skipped the Rainbow Salad, even though it's their house special, but went for the Garlic Noodles with the duck.  Garlic pretty much makes everything taste good anyway, but the ingredients went so well together, and the flavors just worked.  I would definitely recommend Burma Superstar, as they are just one of the few restaurants I would say bothers fine-tuning and balancing the flavors that go into their dishes.

Price: ~20 AUD pp | $$
Rating: 4/5

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