Banneton (New Farm, QLD)

As I mentioned, the weekend was filled with delicious food from places around town.  The weather was a bit chilly but sunny, so we decided to head to Banneton in New Farm, as it's the newest addition to the Banneton family.  Located right near the other treasures in New Farm, Banneton is a cozy little cafe that serves some of the freshest pastries and bread around town.  They offer artisan breads ranging from turkish to all kinds of brioche, as well as tarts, quiches, sandwiches, and even macarons.  They also make a pretty darn good chai latte and hot chocolate!
Hot Chocolate
Maybe I was hungry, but everything in store looked so fresh (and they are), and we had the hardest time deciding what we wanted to try, as there was just so many items to choose from!  We ended up getting a garlic focaccia (big roll), goat cheese tart, apple nougatine, a hot cocoa and chai latte.  The garlic focaccia was pretty addicting once we started munching on it, especially while eating the apple nougatine, which was essentially an apple pie|tart topped with almond slivers and vanilla bean filling on the bottom.  The apple nougatine was mmm mmm tasty, and not too sweet!  The goat cheese tart was pretty good, though a bit small...  I loved the chai latte, which has a thick layer of cinnamon foam at the top, and the hot chocolate was good too.  Their service was super friendly and they even came around with samplers of the apple brioche that I had been eyeing!  I think this is my new favorite place...
Chai Latte 
Apple Nougatine
Goat Cheese Tart 
Part of the Apple Brioche

Price: 10-15 AUD pp (drink + pastries) | $-$$
Rating: 4/5

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