Sushi Hotaru (Sydney, NSW)

On my last night in Sydney, we decided to try out a popular sushi train located in the Galleries Victoria in Sydney's CBD.  I've been apprehensive about trying any Japanese restaurant in Brisbane, but decided that I would give Sydney a chance, since I've been hearing that Japanese (or just Asian in general) food is way better there.  And indeed, I was quite pleased.  We were greeted in Japanese by a friendly staff after our 20 minute wait and seated at one of the stools around the sushi belt.  (The waiting list was quite lengthy, but the turnover is pretty high)

Almost all the plates were $3, which is pretty awesomely priced (especially for the city), and the food delicious!  The quality of the seafood- pretty much what I went for- was not bad at all - especially for $3 a plate.  They also serve other items, but I went for the sushi (and mostly sashimi).

I love seared sashimi, so I got the seared salmon and scallop, which were both oh-so-yummy! (I recommend ordering them rather than waiting for them to come around cause it's nice and fresh)  I also got the shrimp scampi nigiri and a soft-shell crab hand roll, which were also quite delicious.  The soft-shell crab was fried just right. =)  Again, I went for mostly for seafood, so I don't know how their non-raw items are, but I wouldn't recommend the chicken karage.  It had an interesting breading which wasn't crunchy, and wasn't fried very well, giving the chicken itself a powdery texture.  Other than the chicken, everything I had was tasty.  Although this wasn't the best sushi I've ever had, it was quite good, for a good price and location.  I would definitely return (if I have the chance)!

Soft-shell crab hand roll

Shrimp Scampi
Price: 15-20 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 4/5

Shop RP1
500George St.
Sydney, NSW 2000
#: (02) 9264-9917
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  1. the food looks amazing, i live near by i will have to check it out


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