Olé (South Bank, QLD)

I used to have a tradition with my cousin where we'd take our Rilakkuma out fooding, but they got kind of big for our [my] purse(s), and so I started bringing my Sentimental Circus elephant hanging on my camera out.  I don't do it as much anymore, but quite a bit of my photos have Rilakkuma or the elephant in them, and Ole is one of those restaurants I brought my little elephant to...

I had recently gotten into tapas-style restaurants, as having a variety of dishes never fails to stimulate any palate, and for those who know me- I have a fascination with the Spanish influence.  Often times tapas restaurants also serve delicious food- sometimes fusion- and the ambience is usually a plus.  Residing on the strip of restaurants with plenty of outside sitting, Ole is situated on quite the busy street, and was filled when I arrived.  The atmosphere has a rustic feel that's warm and inviting, with the occasional live Spanish guitar.

First, we had the calamari and whitefish with aoli (Calamares y Chanquetes, $8), as well as the potato tortillas (Tortilla Espanola, $11.5).  When I went with a group of friends, we also got their Sangrias, which were awesome!  I would definitely suggest the Red Sangria over the White.

I also got the Brochetas de Pollo ($19), which was grilled chicken skewers and saffron rice, which was actually a bit disappointing.  The chicken was overly burnt on all sides, and the rice was just mediocre.  When I back a different time, I got the Paella ($42), which is also made with saffron rice, but it was a bit better.  For a city that seems to be bordered by water, the seafood was, again, was a bit mediocre.

Calamari y Chanquetes
Brochetas de Pollo
As much as I wanted to like this place, two visits might be the extent of my visit, other than the occasional Sangria trip.  The flavors were almost there, but a little unbalanced, and the salt level was also a bit high for me.

Price: 20-30 AUD pp | $$
Rating: 3/5

Shop B12 Little Stanley St.
Southbank, QLD 4101
#: (07) 3846-1201
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