Kingsfood Chinese Restaurant (Sunnybank)

Friday was a splurge day for me, and for dinner, I went out to Sunnybank for some Asian food!  I hadn't had real Chinese food for a while, and so we decided on Kingsfood - actually for the reason that it had a big, bright neon sign advertising Taiwanese cuisine.  I had a pearl milk tea at the place before, which was decent, and so I hoped the food was just the same.

We decided to go 'family style' and order four dishes and a soup, a very typical ordering style, which is actually pretty perfect for five people.  We got the sweet and sour soup(酸辣湯), string beans with minced meat (干編四季豆), fried tofu (炸豆腐), Taiwanese pan fried noodles (台式炒麵), and Three-Cup Chicken (三杯雞).  The fried tofu and the soup were made pretty well and close to what I can find in Taiwan, but the noodles and string beans were just ok, with the three-cup chicken being my least favorite.  It didn't have much of a sesame oil flavor, which is integral to the course, and the chicken was also breaded by something - which isn't usually done traditionally.  Their drinks are not bad, and I would recommend it over Sakuraya's pearl tea drinks.  The food was plenty for five, and came out to 11.5 per person, which isn't bad for how much food we got.  It wasn't purely authentic, but it was decent, and if I lived any closer - I would probably return.

Sweet and Sour Soup 
Fried Tofu
Stringed Bean with Minced Meat

Taiwanese Pan Fried Noodles

Three-Cup Chicken
Price: ~10-15 AUD pp family style | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

Shop 25 Market Square Shopping Centre
341 Main Road
Sunnybank, QLD 4109
#: (07) 3344-4620
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